Lavender For Hair Loss

Alternative and natural treatments for hair loss including artificial ones like wigs and clip in hair extensions for temporary remedy are in a great demand nowadays. That’s because many of clinically tested and designed formulas are quite expensive, and so does a visit to a hair loss specialist. In particular, many of those who suffer from allopecia areata use various essential oils and their blends which can stimulate blood flow to the scalp and provide hair follicles with necessary nutrients. Lavender oil is one of those.

lavender for hair lossUsing lavender for hair loss is no a new idea, because stimulating properties of this herbal remedy were known centuries ago. The most common way to use essential oil to stop or slow down hair loss is rubbing them into the scalp. Rub several drops of high quality lavender oil into your scalp, paying a special attention on your bald patches and spots. Keep on massaging for 5-10 minutes, and then wash the oil away with your regular shampoo and hair conditioner.

Using lavender for hair loss is also beneficial because lavender oil has very strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, which can protect your scalp from various infections, fungi and dandruff. Also, rubbing lavender oil into your scalp will hep you enjoy positive effects of inhaling steams of lavender essential oil. In the context of aromatherapy, lavender oil is used for its calming and relaxing effects, which can assist in treating such disorders as depression, stresses and so on.

Many specialists suggest using lavender oil and lavender for hair loss in conjunction with other high quality essential oils which have excellent stimulating effects. One of the most common recipes for a massage mixture is the following: combine 10 drops of rosemary and lavender oil, 5 drops of basil oil and 4 oz of jojoba oil. Mix carefully and use for rubbing into your scalp. Keep the mixture in a glass bottle in a cool and dark place.

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  1. Some good info to follow up on here. I especially like the idea of combining lavender oil with other essential oils for best results.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Rebehair says:

    I’ve always loved lavender, but I just don’t know it still can treat hair loss.
    Thanks fro your sharing.