Laser Combs To Prevent Hair Loss

Female hair loss became a huge social problem of our times. If decades ago there was hardly a term like “female hair loss”, cos’ very few women experiences anything like that, especially in young ages, nowadays every third woman over 20 has to face hair thinning caused by various factors: ineffective nutrition, heredity, problems wit metabolism, etc.

Scientists are concerned because female hair loss causes huge social and personal changes in our life. A woman who suffers from hair loss has lower self-esteem and confidence, followed by lower chances to achieve success in her professional and private life. Hair loss causes stresses, mood swings, sadness, ineffectiveness, unhappiness in this life and many other negative feelings which affect our overall health to a great extent.

laser combThere are many solutions and effective hair loss treatments to slow down the process of hair thinning and loss. Many people prefer using natural ways and herbal treatments for this problem. Some use massages and nutritional changes, and some make choice in favor of using specially designed medicines and hair care shampoos. At the same time, specialists do not stop their efforts on finding some new effective methods to stop hair loss. Laser comb is one of those.

There is something like a special laser comb, which was created to slow down male type badness. Its new modification is being now tested on women to find out whether female type of hair loss can be treated. According to Dr. Pamela Summers, a Cleveland Clinic specialists, the tests and experiments on examining the effects of using laser comb in women are ongoing now in Cleveland. In about 6 month the first results should come out.

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  4. hi, nice posting. Anyway, hair loss is very traumatic and stressful. But also, stress could lead into hair loss. Just an addition, if you want to cure hair loss, maybe you should add hair loss vitamin ( A,C,E,B ) and zinc. They are also available in liquid form and could be absorbed more effective than pills.

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