Jerusalem Artichoke For Hair Loss

Jerusalem ArtichokeJerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) is also known as topinambur, sunchoke, or sunshoot. It is a weed which is considered to be a medicinal herb with numerous therapeutic properties and health benefits. It is cultivated throughout the US, and can be found in wild habitat, especially in the central regions of the country. Historically, Jerusalem artichoke was used as food by indigenous populations of the continent. From the North America, Jerusalem artichoke was taken to Europe where it received a great popularity and till the present day it has been used in herbal medicines of many nations.

It is highly valued as a source of natural fructose, vitamins, minerals, and numerous nutrients. In modern France it is used for wine production, and it Russia it plays a role of quite a common food. However, there are numerous old recipes of American folk medicine involving this natural remedy for a great deal of health conditions and ailments. Our ancestors used Jerusalem artichoke for preventing digestive disorders, enriching the blood with natural mineral iron, and stimulate the production of red blood cells. This natural product is also a known source of protein.

At the same time, Jerusalem artichoke can be used to improve our hair quality and prevent hair loss. It is known that the root of the plant has quite strong natural stimulating power, which can be used to boost blood circulation in the scalp and provide hair follicles with proper amounts of nutrients. Besides, as the studies have shown, Jerusalem artichoke is a very rich natural source of zinc, a mineral which is strictly linked to a good health of our hair. That is why it is possible to use Jerusalem artichoke to provide your scalp with this mineral in a safe and natural way.

Usually, it is recommended to use Jerusalem artichoke juice which is possible to be applied directly to the scalp and rubbed into it. But there is an easier way: you can simply use an artichoke cut into two pieces for rubbing the juice into your scalp. Also, according to one old folk recipe, it is possible to prepare a special Jerusalem artichoke leaf extract and apply it to your scalp. For that, you should gather some fresh leaves of the plant, put those into a jar or pan, add some small amount of water, and simmer the mixture on a very low fire for at least 2-2.5 hours.

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