Interesting Facts About Our Hair And Its Health

Hair is one of the principle elements of our image, that is why most of us treasure our hair and take proper care about it. We buy special shampoos, hair conditioners and tonics in order to nourish and moisturize our hair, and we use all possible hair styling techniques for making our hair look bright and gorgeous. However, to be efficient in hair care and prevent visiting unintentional harm upon our hair, it is very important to know everything about human hair and its health. Check out some interesting facts below.

  • Along with bone marrow, hair is considered the fastest growing tissue of the body.
  • An average person is born with about 100,000 hair follicles. Obviously, some folks have more, and some may have less of hair follicles. As a rule, people with red hair have less amount of hair follicles when they are born, and those with blond hair have the most leaving the guys with dark hair somewhere in between.
  • hair healthLosing from 50 to hundred hair strands a day is considered normal and being not linked to hair loss. Specialists say that only when a person loses about 50% of the hair, baldness or another type of hair loss is noticeable.
  • The most recent surveys have shown that every second man aged above 50 experiences male pattern baldness to some extent.
  • According to the studies, 40% of today’s women who entered menopause experience female pattern baldness to some extent.
  • The process of hair loss includes the phase when hair shaft starts getting weaker and thinner, and then the strand together with the hair follicle falls out from the scalp.
  • When hair loss occurs due to temporary hormonal changes in women, taking certain medications or physical damage of the scalp, our hair follicles appear again and give life to new hair strains. Unfortunately, in cases when severe damage is done to the scalp, or under the effect of male hormonal changes, hair will most likely not grow back.
  • The researches have demonstrated that about 90% of hair loss occurs to the hair strains which are on the phase of growing, and just 10% of hail loss takes place on the resting phase.
  • Our hair is the most vulnerable when it is moist, therefore it is necessary to be careful and beware of serious hair damage after washing your hair.
  • When our hair is wet, it can increase its length by up to 25-30%.
  • If you have split ends, remember that there is no known remedy for this problem and the only way to get rid of it is simply cut the split ends off.
  • As we age, the pigment called melanin which defines our hair color begins not working properly, and that’s how gray hair occurs. Actually, though gray hair is mostly associated with aging, it can be caused by stresses, constant worry or certain diseases.
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3 Responses to “Interesting Facts About Our Hair And Its Health”

  1. Chris says:

    Very interesting post indeed! I like the fact that you mentioned graying of the hair. I’ve had great results using rosemary oil. It has made some of my graying hair regain color.

  2. jannkahon says:

    Thank for this facts. It’s really helpful and informative. Thank you so much. Post more about hair care.

  3. I would like to thank you for this interesting blog of yours. Now i know why people loss their hair perhaps due to their genes or using strong chemical for their hair.