How Much Hair Loss Is Normal: Hair Loss Evaluation for Women

Beautiful Hair StyleHair loss is a problem familiar to many modern women, and the majority of them regularly experience hair loss to a certain degree. Some women notice their hair left on the comb or hairbrush, some see their hair falling out while they are combing, and some find their strands on the clothes and pillow. Sometimes, such hair loss lasts for months. When the problem does not seem to resolve itself naturally and, probably, can be stopped only by some medical treatment, women start thinking about visiting a trichologist. We all know that there are acceptable amounts of hair falling out, but how to understand, whether your hair loss is normal, or it is already the time to see a doctor?

Specialists argue that losing from 30 to 100 hairs a day, depending on your age, current health situation, your hair’s life cycle and the type of skin, must be considered normal. However, under effects of such factors as dieting, excessive weight loss, intense stresses and worries, illnesses, taking medications, aging, iron deficiency, and others, your hair loss can increase, but still remain normal. Finally, such factor as seasonal hair loss must be taken into consideration. Experts warn that in autumn our hair achieves the final stage of its maturity cycle, that is why during the period from October till December we can start losing hair more actively.

The Pull TestSeveral tests can be done in order to check out the seriousness of every particular hair loss problem. Some specialists recommend the “pull test”: take a wisp of about 60 hair strands and pull it firmly, but gently. If more than 5-7 hairs came out easily, you really need to see a doctor. Another test I am going to offer is more effective and precise, and it allows women with any type of skin to evaluate their current hair loss situation. Wash you hair the way you usually do, dry it and leave for 12 hours to rest (you can do this before going to sleep, for example). In 12 hours after washing, comb your hair well (but nor aggressively) and check out, how many strands fell out (on the floor and on your clothes). Count the hairs: if there are less than 40-50 of those, you have no reason to worry and your hair loss is quite normal.

Finally, sometimes women confuse hair falling out with hair breakage, which is usually caused by hair mistreatment (chemicals, heat damage, hair over-processing, etc.) and is not connected with serious internal problems you need to worry about. However, if you are really distressed about the situation with your hair, consult a trichologist, who can make serious diagnostic tests (including blood test, skin test, skin and hair scrapings, hair mineral analysis test, etc.), determine the actual condition of your scalp and hair, and, if necessary, recommend several effective hair loss treatment options, which are available in a great variety nowadays.

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5 Responses to “How Much Hair Loss Is Normal: Hair Loss Evaluation for Women”

  1. Allison Sellers says:

    Good information in this post, keep up the great work. Cheers.

  2. Tim says:

    Nice website, I love the look and the information.

  3. Dane Wingles says:

    I read somewhere else the amount of hair you lose per day, its not a small number i can say 🙂

  4. Leah says:

    Hi I am worried because I am losing alot of hair and I don’t know if it’s normal or not let me start by saying I had twins 4 months ago and whilst I was pregnant I wasn’t losing any hair at all but now that I’ve had them i am losing quite alot of hair but I heard that when you have a baby you lose alot of hair about 3 months after is this true? Also when i go in the bath and wash my hair there is loads in the bath that worries me then every morning when I wake up there is some on my pillow, my night clothes and on my sheet then is i put my fingers through my hair alot comes out i used to have thick georgeous thick hair but now it’s alot thinner please help thank you

  5. karike says:

    Hi there. I have very long and thick hair. When I was pregnant I hardly shed any hair and it became thicker. About 3 months after my daughter was born, I shed hige amounts of hair for about 2 months. It does stop. Don’t worry.