Hornbeam For Hair Loss

Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) is a very common tree which grows throughout the world and is well familiar to all of us. Its properties were studied by a famous British naturopath and physician Dr. Edward Bach, who discovered very potent tonic, astringent and antibiotic effects of this natural remedy. Bach was using hornbeam essence in order to cure a variety of mental and emotional conditions including exhaustion, procrastination, apathy, a lack of desire to face challenges and so on. Hornbeam flower essences, ointments and decoct have been used for centuries for various health conditions.

hornbeamThough chemical composition and properties of hornbeam are considered to be quite briefly studied, this plant has a very long history of being used in the framework of folk and alternative medicine by many nations of the world. In particular, in many countries of the Far East and Russia hornbeam tea is a known and very effective remedy for all possible symptoms of common cold and flu, like sore throat, coughs,  headache and so on.

Stimulating properties of hornbeam make it an effective natural solution for many types and cases of hair problems. Hornbeam for hair loss can be used both externally and internally. In particular, hornbeam is currently playing a role of an important ingredient of various hair loss supplements which are sold all around the world and help people to restore their hair. Specialists can advise drinking hornbeam tea which can provide your body with a number of important nutrients necessary for effective hair growth and health follicle development.

Hornbeam for hair loss can be applied externally directly on scalp or in the form of hair rinse to assist in slowing down and preventing hair loss. The main advantage of this natural treatment for hair loss is nourishing our scalp and moisturizing it. As a result, a favorable environment for hair growth is created assisting in slowing down hair loss and stimulating healthy hair follicle development. You can look for hornbeam extracts and products in your local herbal shop or try to find those online.

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