Hop Extract For Your Hair

Common hopCommon hop (Humulus lupulus) is a plant that is used for brewing great beer, as well as for cooking and for treating some diseases and ailments. This medicinal plant is rich in vitamins and various amino acids. In particular, common hop and hop extract can help to re-grow hair and slow down hair loss, as well as get rid of such problems as dandruff , hair weakening and brittle hair. Below, you can find several effective herbal remedies for hair loss, which include hops.

1. Mix 4 tablespoons of dried nettle leaves, 4 tablespoons of burdock root, 4 tablespoons of pot marigold flowers and 3 tablespoons of hops. 3 tablespoons of the mixture steep in 1000 ml of boiling water, keep for 2 hours and use for rinsing your hair after washing it with your usual shampoo. Repeat the procedure 3 times a week withing a month.

Hop Extract2. Mix 2 teaspoons of dried Erica flowers, 2 teaspoons of dried nettle leaves, 1 tablespoon of hops, 1 tablespoon of burdock roots and 1 tablespoon of sea-buckthorn,  steep in 2 liters of boiling water, use for rinsing your hair after washing.

3. Take equal amounts of burdock root, hops and sweet flag (Acorus calamus), take 6 tablespoons of the mixture and boil for 10 minutes in 1000 ml of water. Let it wait for 30 minutes, and then use the decoction for rinsing your hair after washing it. This herbal remedy is very effective for getting rid of dandruff.

Hops or hope extract can also be effectively combined with such medicinal herbs as horsetail (Equisetum gen.), milfoil (Achillea millefolium) and Labrador tea (Ledum groenlandicum).

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