Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss and female pattern baldness is a curse of many modern women, that is why there are a huge variety of hair loss treatments available at the market. Actually, a lot of today’s women have a tendency to trust in natural or alternative hair loss approaches and treatments, which are safer and effective in long-term perspective. Some of the herbal remedies can stimulate hair growth and re-growth, and they should be used as the following.

Herbal Remedie For Hair Loss1. Burdock (Arctium). Mix 2.5 oz of ground burdock root and 7 oz of olive oil, keep the mixture for 1 day in a dark place, and then boil it for 15 minutes on a slow fire. Strain (if necessary) and rub into your scalp, especially into problematic areas, every day for 40-60 days.

2. Nettle (Urtica gen.). Mix 3.5 oz of dried nettle leaves with 10 oz of water and 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar (6%).  Keep for 4 hours, then rinse out your hair in this solution. Repeat this procedure every day for 30 days.

3. Milfoil (Achillea Millefolium). Keep 2 teaspoons of dried milfoil leaves in 500 ml of water for 1 day, then rub the mixture into your scalp every day for 30 days. Problematic areas can be treated with a mixture of powdered milfoil leaves and olive oil in 1:10 proportion.

4. Juniper (Juniperus gen.). Steep 1 tablespoon of dried leaves and buds of the plant in 15 oz of water, keep till it cools down, and then rub the mixture into your scalp daily for 30 days.

5. Pine tree (Pinus). Boil 500 g of dried pine buds in 5 liters of water for 20-30 minutes, let the tincture coll down and use it for rinsing out your hair. Repeat daily during 1-1.5 month.

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