Healthy Diet Can Help You Prevent Hair Loss

Combing HairFor those who have weak problematic hair and want to prevent possible hair loss, specialists recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right foods for their diet. If you want to keep your hair loss under control and, at the same time, do not want to spend your money for medicines, chemicals, surgical and other unnatural treatments, you need to enrich your diet with the following foods:

1.    Various types of fish (especially tuna, salmon, etc.): contain such important elements as proteins, phosphorus and fatty acids, and also Vitamins A and B-6. Fish is among the most important foods that can slow down our hair falling out and help us maintain healthy skin and nails, as well as normalize our blood pressure and level of cholesterol.

2.     Soybeans: contain great amounts of proteins, Vitamin E and iron, which are necessary for hair growth, producing hemoglobin and normalizing blood circulation.

3.    Almonds: another important food rich with proteins, iron and Vitamins, that is necessary for hair loss prevention.

Vitamin C4.    Lemons, oranges, strawberries, kiwi and other fruit containing Vitamin C. This vitamin is a source of collagen necessary for hair growth. Besides, it helps our organism to absorb such elements as iron and others.

5.    Meat, including chicken, turkey, beef (especially liver): contain proteins that are important for slowing down the process of hair weakening and hair loss.

6.    Chickpeas: a magic food (especially for vegans) that contains great amounts of zinc and Vitamin B-6. It is very good for hair loss prevention and helps our hair to become stronger. In addition, combined with Vitamin A, B-6 is very helpful when fighting with dandruff.

7.    Oats and whole wheat products: contain iron, magnesium, potassium and other useful elements, including such important nutrient as silica.

Potatoes8.     Vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, broccoli, spinach and the others  containing Vitamin A.

9.    Various types of nuts: contain a lot of useful oils which can temporarily slow down hair loss.

Undoubtedly, healthy diet has a great deal of benefits. It can provide you with much more than just a fit body. Add these foods into your diet and you will always have healthy hair, perfect look and a life full of positive emotions.

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    I really have hair problem . So very informative page for me.


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    Nice blog and great tips. I’ll surely have above mentioned diet to strengthen my hairs. thanks.

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    i thought that this website was very helpful to my personal knowledge and helpful for my course work at college.