Hair Transplant Can Stimulate Sex Drive Of Men

Many modern men and women suffer from hair loss, and most of those are trying to find an effective solution for this problem. Some try to use only natural treatments for hair loss like essential oils, herbal extracts and other herbal remedies. Some use various cosmetic product including special anti-hair loss shampoos, hair conditioners, and so on. Some people decide to use more expensive but more effective hair loss treatments, like hair transplants. There are certain drawbacks (too high price of the procedure, increased risks of complications and inability to receive desired results, and so on), along with numerous advantages of using such type of hair loss solutions.

According to the findings of a recent study, using hair transplants or FUE technique (that stands for follicle unit extraction), is linked to more energy, boosted sex drive and increased performance in men. After a series of experiments and scientific studies, the scientists from the Freedom health organization came to the conclusions that these effects should be attributed to using a special pill known as Propecia. This medication is very commonly recommended as a part of hair loss treatment which follows the very surgical procedure of hair transplantation. The mentioned stimulating effects of Propecia are pretty strong and lasting.

After the experiments, it became apparent that about 65 per cent of the participants experienced very clear boost of energy and sexual drive. However, the scientists underlined that some of the participants of the experiment have reported about slight side effects of having this medication as a part of after-hair transplant therapy. In particular, one or two per cent of the participants have said that after taking this medication they have noticed a certain decline in their sexual drive and libido.

Hair transplants are quite popular nowadays due to the fact that this hair loss treatment is quite common among today’s celebrities. In particular, a famous European football star Wayne Rooney have recently had a hair transplant, and many specialists notice a certain boost in his current performance. Few people tended to connect boosted performance and increased energy with hair transplant, but after this study it is possible to suppose that hair transplant could have contributed to Rooney’s increased performance as well. Read more about the findings and conclusion related to this interesting study in November’s mass media.

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