Hair Translpant Surgery Can Put A Man Into A Funny Situtaion

Early hair loss is a problem of many modern men. To solve this problem, many of those prefer using natural treatments for hair loss, which include a number of natural formulas and clinically tested medications. However, in most of the cases it takes time to see good results and combat hair loss with the help of natural solutions. That is why the number of men who choose such hair loss treatments as hair transplant surgery, is firmly increasing. Especially when almost every month one or another celebrity admits the success of hair transplantation techniques.

hair transplant surgeryIn particular, more and more men are inspired by magical changes of a famous British soccer player, Wane Rooney, who has recently undergone a procedure of hair transplant surgery. Inspired by a new look of today’s male celebrities, it is estimated that every year about 10,000 British men get surgical hair loss transplantation. A usual hair-transplant procedure involves removing the hair follicles from the back or sides of the head and implanting those to the receding areas on the crown. In other words, the surgeons take small pieces of skin with healthy hair follicles and replace those to the top of the head.

Though hair transplant surgery is considered a good and effective hair loss treatment option, there can be ‘surprises’ for the men who choose it. In particular, not many of men know that after the surgery, the most of transplanted hair will fall out again, and then start growing and developing as normal hair only in several weeks. Therefore, it would be possible to see proper results of hair transplant surgery only in 12-18 month. Besides, it is very important to choose a good clinic and a very experienced surgeon for such a procedure because a high qualification and good experience of the surgeon are essential factors for success.

Finally, there is one more issue, which has come out recently and made many men think twice before visiting a hair transplant clinic. It is a known fact that progressive development of the problem is the specifics of male hair loss pattern, and if a 20-year old man had a successful hair transplant surgery, 20 years later the top of his head can look like an area with small circular patches of hair on the top, surrounded by newly appearing bald areas. That is why the specialists are working on creating new hair transplant technologies which would help men’s hair look natural years after the actual surgery.

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