Hair Loss in Women: Reasons and Specifics

Nicole KidmanGorgeous hair has a great value among modern women because it became a defining point in personal style for all successful ladies. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston – to name a few. Women treasure their hair a lot, that is why they frequently start panicking after noticing several hair laces fallen out on their dresses. Those fears are not always groundless and motiveless: the specialists from American Academy of Dermatology argue that the number of women who suffer from hair loss is increasing and now it exceeds 30 million women.

The causes of hair loss in females are focused around the following factors:
•    Medication abuse;
•    Diseases and various medical conditions;
•    Hormonal imbalances and changes;
•    Irregularities of immune system;
•    Menopause;
•    Psychological conditions, anxiety and stresses;
•    Allergic reactions on cosmetics;
•    Genetic factors.

BeyonceMany women who suffer from hair loss choose various hair loss products created and marketed specifically for ladies. Unlikely to those for men, the products for women are more effective in slowing down the process of hair loss not on specific areas but around the whole crown of the head. Surgical procedures including hair transplantation can also be recommended for women, but they are usually costly and too radical.

If you started losing your hair, first of all, you need to pay attention on your nutrition. Enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals. If you have long hair, do not comb it aggressively and try to minimize physical damage when washing it. Also, when you are styling your hair, do not make too tight knots because it damages your hair follicles. Do not bleach or dye your hair too often (no more than 4 times a year) and minimize exposure to various chemicals.

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