Is Hair Loss In Women Related to Age?

Hair Loss And AgeMale baldness in a very common problem of our times. By the age of 50, the majority of today’s men suffer from baldness to one or another extent. However, not many of us know that by the age of 50 about 50% of women also experience hair loss, which in many cases can be quite noticeable.  According to the findings of several recent scientific researches, by the age of 65 more than 75% of women have thinning hair and are forced to use various hair loss treatments to preserve their hair.

Certainly, it is not a surprise, and there are many reasons for a strong connection of hair loss with age. First of all, a large number of aged women of our times have been making their hair undergo ironing, bleaching and other harsh chemical procedures, which damaged their hair severely. Other factors which can stimulate hair loss include everyday stresses and depressions, poor and unhealthy nutrition, genetic predisposition to female pattern baldness, as well as taking some medicines (like birth control pills) and undergoing chemo-therapies.

Finally, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are connected with serious hormonal shifts in female body, and hair loss is one of the main negative effects of these conditions. Specialists suggest that hair loss caused by pregnancy or menopause is temporary, however, in many situations hair does not grow back very fast, and not every woman can successfully restore her beautiful and think hair that she had before.

If you are currently experiencing hair loss connected with the above mentioned periods of your life, avoid excessive load on your hair (like aggressive brushing, perma, ironing, etc.) that can cause more thinning of the hair and increase hair loss. Instead, try to use various natural hair loss treatments and choose the haircuts which layers (which can increase your hair volume).

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