Hair Loss In Women Who Live In Big Cities: Causes And Solutions

hair loss in womenMore and more women who reside in big cities complain about poor quality of their hair and hair loss. Living in big cities is increasingly linked to not only seasonal but chronic hair loss, and specialists offer a number of explanations of what can be the causes of such type of hair loss. First of all, a huge role is played by pollution and toxins the abundance of which is in the air and the environment of modern big cities. Acid rains, dusty snow, factory smoke and cigarette smoke, gas and the related toxins – those are the factors which contribute greatly in making our scalp too dry and unhealthy, that causes hair loss.

Besides, such things as poor nutrition causes problems for those women who live in big cities. We are forced to buy our foods in super markets, and very often those are overfilled with genetically modified components, chemicals, pesticides and other harmful elements. Therefore, the access to 100% organic and healthy foods is limited for the big city dwellers compared to those who live in small towns and have own gardens to grow fruit or veggies. Poor nutrition, as well as our love to various weight loss programs and junk foods are among the most important causes of hair loss in women who live in big cities.

Also, it is a known fact that the water we use to wash our hair is of a very low quality. It has pretty much of chlorine and other substances which damage our hair and cause hair loss. Using poor quality water also causes too dry hair that sometimes also leads to hair loss. Finally, stresses related to our professional and private life are the last important factor contributing to hair loss in women. For those who live in big cities, such factors as traffic jams, communication problems, too long lines in the markets or shops, overcrowded streets and low quality food can become a reason of additional stresses causing hair loss.

What can be solutions for hair loss in women who live in big cities? Using natural solutions like essential oils, herbal extracts and special herbal remedies for hair care is a very effective approach to improving our hair quality. Also, it is necessary to review the diet, stick to the rules of healthy nutrition and add to your daily diet the foods preventing hair loss. Finally, using only high quality hair care products, based on natural ingredients and properly tested, is a very important solution for preventing hair loss in women who live in big cities.

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