A New Hair Loss Treatment Inspired By Animals Is On The Way

It is reported these days that the scientists have come very close to creating a new revolutionary hair loss treatment, a new remedy, inspired by numerous animal studies. It turned out that those hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world who suffer from thinning hair and hair loss of various types (connected with hormonal shifts, aging, menopause and all possible other causes) could get some helping hand from dumb animals. It became possible after studying the mechanisms that animals use to both shed and grow their winter coats.

Hair Loss TreatmentFor many years, groups of scientists were researching the mechanisms of how animals lose and grow their winter coats, and it became apparent that hair growth in animals is controlled by a specific hormone called dermis, located mainly in the skin. It can receive signals from all parts of the body. It was found out that the signals can vary depending not only on certain inner factors, but also depending on the season. That is the factor which allows animals, for example, grow much thicker coats in colder seasons, and possible lose some fur in warm times of the year.

A group of scientists at  the University of Southern California, led by Dr Cheng-Ming Chuong, are sure that this mechanism is able to give medical doctors a clue how to create an effective hair loss treatment based on this new approach. It became apparent that hair stems can react not only to the signals from hair follicles, but also to the signals from the other body systems and organs. Therefore, it is possible to cure hair loss by not only attempting to stimulate hair follicle growth, but also by changing the whole body environment and creating necessary signals for hair to grow.

In the interview to the reporters of My Health News Daily during the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Denver, Dr Cheng-Ming Chuong said: ‘To deal with the hair growth, you not only try to help the stem cell, but you can improve the ‘soil,’ like – You put a tulip bulb in a nicer soil, you will grow a nicer hair.’ According to the specialist, this interesting discovery opens a new way to modern scientists and gives an opportunity to receive a principally new and possibly revolutionary hair loss treatment.

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