Hair Loss Surgery

Many of us heard about hair loss surgery as a treatment for hair loss and related problems. Such treatments as hair transplants or scalp reduction can be used in those situations, when other conservative treatments of androgenetic alopecia can not give positive results. Hair transplant surgeries have been practiced for more than 40 years and nowadays, modern men and women can enjoy the most effective and advanced technologies of hair transplantation.

Hair Loss SurgeryThe procedure of surgical hair transplantation is done by taking pieces of healthy hair (together with skin) and planting it in the bald areas of the scalp. It is a very slow process as during the surgery, cosmetic surgeon takes very tiny pieces of skin with one few hairs from the back side of the patient’s scalp. That is why usually several sessions of such procedure are needed to receive some good results and make it look there is a full head of hair.

Scalp reduction is another popular type of hair loss surgery. As the name suggests, it means simple decreasing the hairless scalp area. Usually, skin on the head is very flexible and quite stretched, so there’s an opportunity to remove a part of hairless skin and cover the area up with a piece of scalp covered with hair. It is possible to combine these two techniques to receive more natural looking hairline.

These hair loss treatments are quite effective, but still they are connected with certain risks and drawbacks. There are very high risks of inflammation, allergies and itchiness of the scalp, as well as the risks of infections, scarring and other problems. In addition, hair transplants and scalp reduction are quite expensive. The price for hair transplantation can vary between 3,000 and 20,000 dollars. If you are still considering a hair loss surgery, look for a board-certified specialists: cosmetic or plastic surgeons, who are well-qualified for doing this job.

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  1. Stephanie Hofstetler says:

    Indeed surgery is an option to men and women who are suffering such severe hair loss. It’s just a matter of courage to undergo the surgery I guess.