A New Hair Loss Solution, Again?

new hair loss solutionMillions of people around the world are waiting for new and effective hair loss solutions. Hair loss is something that most of us suffer from, at one or another point of our life. We experience hair thinning due to various factors known as causes for hair loss: genetics, hormonal changes, chronic stresses, improper nutrition and a lack of physical activities, improper hair care and using low quality hair care products, and many more. There are two types of hair loss, female type and male type. It is considered that female type of hair loss is treatable, and as soon as the causing factors are eliminated, hair in women tends to re-grow, and it is possible to restore hair by using natural hair loss treatments like essential oils, etc.

At the same time, there are a few quite effective solutions for modern men. Since genetics is considered to be the only cause of male type baldness and it is very hard to change (or especially eliminate) this factor, modern hair care specialists offered a few solutions for this type of hair loss. It is possible to do one of a few existing types of hair transplantation surgery and populate the balding areas on the head with healthy strong hairs of donors, or from other body areas. Using wigs and other types of artificial hair is another quite good solution which helps plenty of men look young and very attractive. Finally, scientists are currently looking for new innovative and effective solutions for male type hair loss, and it is repeatedly reported that soon new hair loss treatments will be available to all of us.

These days, again, many scientists are talking about a new coming hair loss solution, the information about which has recently appeared in the Huffington Post and some other printed media. It is reported that scientists working for Follica, a famous American hair loss solution creating group, have announced creating a new miraculous remedy, a new formula for hair loss which is now going through final tests and getting prepared for approval by the FDA. This new hair loss solution has already been repeatedly tested both on mice and on men, and it showed very good effects on restoring hair follicles in balding areas, this way restoring hair and bringing back healthy hairline. It is said that the solution is based on stem cell principle.

“Follica has developed a technology platform that is uniquely suited to support clinical translation of these new findings,” the study leader, Dr. William Ju, wrote about the findings of his colleagues. “This discovery sheds light on a novel mechanism to regenerate hair follicles and opens an exciting new avenue to develop treatments for hair loss in humans,” he wrote. The treatment can initiate the reversal procedure as to hair loss using the principles of stem cell similar regeneration, but t is much simpler and quite effective comparing to the existing similar technologies. Hopefully, it will be approved fast and will be available for all those who are in need for an immediate hair loss solution. Check out for new information and the updates as to the issue!

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