A Hair Loss Robot Approved By The FDA

Day by day, hair loss is affecting more and more people, making the world’s leading scientists and medical specialists work harder to find out new natural treatments for hair loss and new interesting approaches and techniques for solving this very common problem. Recently, a new amazing technology, so called hair loss robot which includes an interactive robotic arm, a computer interface, special screening technologies and other “miracles of science”, was introduced and officially approved for commercial use by the Food And Drug Association.

This device called the Artas Systm is supposed to say a new word in science as one of the most advanced modern hair loss treatments. The main “activities” of this machine are focused on identifying and harvesting healthy follicular units on the scalp of donors, with further storing and placing the harvested material into the balding spots on the scalp (using manual techniques yet). The creators of this monster claim that it can pick up about 1000 healthy hair follicles per hour that is considerably more than any conventional technique can do. In addition, using the Artas System makes the procedure of harvesting the follicles less invasive.

Hair loss robotWhen evaluating the effects of other doubtful hair loss treatments like using special anti-baldness shampoos, creams and gels, the effectiveness of this technology is incomparable. However, there is one substantial drawback for using the hair loss robot: for now, it can only work for men with dark or brown hair. Let’s hope that the creators of the Artas System will go on their work and make this device available for all of those who suffer from hair loss and want to benefit from this system.

Follicular unit extraction is a relatively new technology in hair transplantation field. It is characterized by using special dermal punches of  very small size (usually smaller than 1 mm in diameter), in order to pick up every each hair follicle directly from the donor area of the patient. However, using the hair loss robot can assist in using special follicular unit grafts that gives hair restoration specialists a chance to create a more naturally looking hairline. Besides, there are lower chances for injuring health hair follicles that already exist on the recipient area affected by hair loss or thinning.

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  1. Thank you for a very interesting post. I had not heard of this robot. I will have to look up additional information on this.