Hair Loss Problems Were Discussed By Scientists

Hair Loss ProblemsUndoubtedly, the problems of hair loss are well familiar to people around the world, regardless of their age, nation, race, occupation, and so on. That is why numerous international scientific groups working and are trying to unite their efforts in their search for an effective cure for this health condition. That is why hair loss problems can actually be called international. It is estimated that up to 40 per cent of women in the modern world are affected with Female Androgenetic Alopecia known also as female type hair loss. Alopecia areata and Traction alopecia are other common types of female type hair loss. As to the men in modern western Europe, they mainly suffer from another type of hair loss problems, Androgenetic Alopecia, which attacks every one in two modern men (the estimations were made regardless of the age).

Recently, the latest hair health and hair loss problems were discussed by a group of international scientists and experts during the International Congress in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging Medicine & Medical Spa, which took place in California in November 2012 and was hosted by EuroMediCom and Informa Life Sciences Exhibition. This annual event gathers the world’s leading hair care and hair loss specialists who are coming to California to share their experiences and opinions, as well as discuss the newest technologies and the newest developments in the field of hair care. This time, a great deal of specialists from the Middle East took part in the conference, thus, most of the attention was focused on studying and discussing hair loss problems in the modern day Middle East counties like Israel, Turkey, and others.

Hair loss is a major concern amongst many men and women in the Middle East and North Africa region and is a growing phenomenon due to many reasons. This year’s lecture at ICAAM Middle East 2012 will cover the essential and state-of-the-art art treatments providing final solutions for hair loss conditions,” said Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, an expert at the French Ministry of Health and the President of the “French Society of Hair Replacement Surgery (SFMCCC). He said that the people in warm regions of the world have one more serious reason to suffer from hair loss problems. Along with genetics, poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, and other important factors that usually cause hair loss, the people who live in the Middle East are suffering from constant exposure to hot weather and excessive sunlight, and these factors also contribute in increasing hair loss.

The discussions include all aspects of hair health and other aesthetic issues, including the latest clinical trials and the latest developments in anti-aging medicine. Also, Dr. Bouhanna presented his new approach to treating hair loss problems in modern people. The treatment technology was presented during his speech “Newest hair micrografts techniques for male and female patients” and received many positive responses from the world’s leading trichologists and hair care experts. Also, a new development and technology for diagnosing hair loss, known as phototrichogram, was presented and offered to be launched in the leading clinics in the Middle East. This approach can help hair loss specialists not only find out what is the hair loss degree, but also get a clue about the main cause, as well as what can be the best hair loss treatment for this very particular situation.

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