Hair Loss Is A Part Of “Male Menopause”

It is believed that hair loss brings lots of troubles and misery to modern women. Certainly, women are more likely to be obsessed with the way they look and get depressed when their hair starts thinning and falling out. But since the earliest times, hair loss has been known as mostly the problem of men, and believe me, sometimes the men who have started suffering from hair loss get distressed and worried not less than women. To make the situation worse, modern scientists started attributing to men some strictly female symptoms.

Hair LossRecently, American researchers at Northwestern Memorial Hospital came up with something that they called “male menopause“. They are convinces that mot less as 5 million male American now suffer fromĀ  this syndrome, indicating the signs like mood swings, depression, fatigue, weight gain, hormonal shifts and, certainly hair loss. This condition is linked to rapid decrease in male hormone testosterone production in a male body.

One of the leaders of the study, Dr. R. Brannigan, says: “We estimate that 95 percent of cases are undiagnosed and therefore untreated. When ignored, symptoms can seriously disrupt one’s quality of life.” He says that this condition start when a man reaches the age of 30, when every year testosterone production drops down approximately 1%. This way, by the age above 70, testosterone production decreases for about 50%. For those men who are especially embarrassed with their hair loss, the specialists recommend topical gels, special injections or surgical methods.

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