3 Hair Nutrition Tips

Hair Loss NutritionOur hair care usually requires lots of efforts and patience. In order to maintain a good health of our hair, we are using various expensive shampoos, lotions, conditioners and other hair care products, as well as natural hair care remedies. We protect our hair from negative effects of the environment, especially in summer and in winter. But what else can we do in order to preserve health and beauty of our hair?

Studies show that very often hair care products turn out to be ineffective when hair nutrition is not satisfactory. Effective hair nutrition includes a full variety of vitamins and nutrients necessary for normal growth and condition of our hair, from the roots till the ends. Numerous researches proved that it can be enough to maintain a healthy hair nutrition plan in order to make our hair look shiny and beautiful, as well as slow down and stop hair loss. Below, you can find 3 most effective hair and hair loss nutrition tips.

1. To make your hair look gorgeous and give it natural shine and volume, it is necessary to include to your hair nutrition plan the products with a high content of amino acids (such as nuts, meat, fish, avocado, eggs, milk, etc.) and Vitamin A (including carrots, apricot, fish liver and caviar, butter and others).

2. Zinc (sea products, red meat and nuts are the best source of this mineral) and iron (can be received from leafy veggies, beans, eggs, etc.) should be essential elements of your hair loss nutrition plan. They are necessary for hair restoration and growth.

3. Also, add to your diet the products with a high content of omega 3 fatty acid (such as spinach, fish, cauliflower, melon, beans and many others). As key elements of your hair nutrition plan, these products can assist in making your hair more flexible, obedient and less electrified while combing.

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