7 Myths about Hair Loss

VitaminsMYTH 1: Multivitamins and food supplements are the best products which can prevent hair loss. Actually, you have to avoid having random multivitamins and thinking that they all are good for your health. An experienced doctor will never prescribe you any multivitamins without analyzing your medical situation thoroughly, because the elements of multivitamins can fall into controversy with the needs of your body. For example, you have lack of zinc and excessive amounts of copper in your body. Randomly chosen multivitamins will not change this balance, and sometimes will make the situation even worse. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when choosing multivitamins and food supplements.

MYTH 2: If you are losing your hair, you must control your hemoglobin level. This myth takes sources from the idea that Iron Deficit Anaemia, which is found in every second modern woman, is among the main reasons causing hair loss. It is possible to monitor iron deficit by controlling the level of hemoglobin. But hemoglobin reflects only some considerable changes in the amounts of iron in females. Actually, Iron Deficit Anaemia can be diagnosed only after detailed blood analysis.

MYTH 3: Hair loss is a result of lack of calcium in your body. Many women tend to explain their hair loss this way, however, calcium deficit is a typical problem of women after 45-50.  Young ladies and women after 30 who also suffer from hair loss usually have normal level of calcium. Anyway, do not abuse medicines containing calcium carbonate and opt for natural sources of this element, such as yogurts, milk, cheese, etc. Besides, remember that along with calcium you need to have a good amount of Vitamin D in your body to absorb calcium.

Hair BrushesMYTH 4: Combing out your falling hair can help stop hair loss. Sometimes this method can really work, especially in cases of symptomatic, temporary hair loss, when newly coming strands of hair can not develop into strong ones. The faster you comb those out, the better. But if you go on losing your hair, this procedure can be very harmful, because newly coming hair will be weaker and weaker.

MYTH 5: Do not wash your hair too often. This is a wrong idea and you have to wash your hair when it is time to do this. Not frequent washing, but excessive amounts of sebum collected around your hair follicles on your skin are harmful. If your hair requires frequent washing, you can wash it even every day using special soft shampoos.

MYTH 6: Hair follicles are getting weaker when our hair is getting longer, so if your hair has started falling out, you need to cut it. Actually, there is very little connection between the length of your strands and the quality of your follicles. Our hair laces are not that heavy so they can fall out as a result of gravity. Nevertheless, there is a positive call in this myth. The shorter hair we have, the less physical damage and injuries it receives, the less money is needed to take care about it and the easier it is to minimize the effects of hair loss.

Hair DryerMYTH 7: Hair stylers and dryers can cause hair loss. Women are recommended not to use hair dryers very frequently in order to keep their hair silky and smooth. At the same time, it is proven that only drying hair at very hot temperatures can be harmful and can make our hair weak and brittle. Drying your hair in average temperatures and holding your dryer at a good distance from your head will not cause problems like hair loss.

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