Hair Loss In Women Increases

Hair Loss In WomenA new research has revealed that stresses of modern life are becoming a leading reason of hair loss in women. In our times, every third woman below 25 is familiar with the problem of hair thinning and falling out, which for many decades has been a problem of only women over 50.

The experts are convinced that the main reason of such tendency is a trend of being slim and skinny, which is one of the dominating social tendencies of our epoch. Modern ladies wish to look like slim celebrities and models they see on the TV, that is why most women limit their food intake and make their nutrition in sufficient. As  result, the body does not receive necessary nutrients, causing hair thinning and loss.

According to the results of the Vitabiotics Wellwoman Tricologic study, in contemporary Britain about 37% of ladies below 25 have to face problems of hair loss. What makes the situation worse is the fact that the stresses cause by hair loss lead to escalation of the process and losing more hair. Young women are over stressed because they know that this problem is linked to aging and old ages. That is why 100% of the interviewed young ladies confirmed that they felt shy and very much embarrassed even when talking about their hair loss.

The issues connected with hair loss in women are evoking active public polemic and concern. “In Western culture, hair is bound up in notions of femininity, youth and sexual attractiveness. Because a woman’s hair is both immediately visible and plays a big part in value judgements made about health, youth and attractiveness, the experience of thinning hair is bound to be anxiety provoking and raise issues about body image and self esteem,” says Linda Papadopolous, a psychologist.

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  1. john says:

    Hair loss in women is really serious and embarrassing kind of problem and that also results into baldness in women.