Hair Loss And Anxiety

anxietyAnxiety is something that we all regularly experience in our life. Anxiety has certain specifics, in psychological and physiological context, and when it is linked to stresses and negative emotions, it brings a lot of damage to our health and our body. Hair loss is one of the most common consequences of permanent anxiety. When we are constantly worried and anxious, our body undergoes certain changes on chemical levels, and weakened hair follicles are among quite frequent outcomes of such changes.

At the same time, not many of us are aware of the fact that our hair thinning and loss can be caused by such “usual” thing as anxiety. We start buying expensive hair care products which are advertised and promised to stop hair loss very effectively. We pay for expensive hair loss treatments, magic pills and too sophisticated “natural” solutions for hair loss, but still, even in a long-term perspective, we can not receive any visible result. We just don’t know that they key to solve the problem is in ourselves.

Unfortunately, when we suffer from constant anxiety and negative emotions which bring to hair thinning and loss, we are forced to enter a circle of stresses. Anxiety brings to hair loss, and seeing our hair receding and going weaker day by day, we usually get even more depressed and stressed out. It is really hard sometimes to break this chain. And even if we begin combining anti-hair loss and anti-stress medications, we will most probably fail to start feeling any better.

The only advice which can be given to people who suffer from hair loss caused by anxiety is to do everything possible to handle their negative emotions, fears, worries and everything that leads to anxiety, at the first place, and then try to slow down hair loss problem, or even master the methods of hair re-growth. Learn relaxation techniques, try aromatherapy, get a new hobby – this type of ideas will help you get out of stresses and calm down your anxiety. This will be extremely beneficial, both for your hair and for your health. Learn how to avoid tension and anxiety, try to get back the taste of life, and you’ll definitely feel and look better!

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