Our Hair Health Can Give A Clue About Our Overall Health

Hair HealthMany experts would agree with the fact that a good hair health is a sign of good overall health. Just like dental care specialists can very easily find out what diseases a person has after seeing his or her teeth and tongue, experienced trichologists and hair health specialists can evaluate our overall health just by taking a look at the condition of our hair. They know very well the diseases and health conditions that usually can be found behind thin hair, brittle hair, damaged hair, or other unhealthy hair signs. Moreover, you can claim that too dry or brittle hair is usually a result of improper hair care, using harsh hair styling or other related factors. Believe it or not, experienced hair care experts can see what hair damage is caused by improper styling or poor hair care, and what kind of unhealthy hair ( namely dull or limp hair, and other signs) is linked to possible serious diseases.

It is a known fact that improper nutrition is a sign of numerous health conditions, including improper hair health. Usually, those people who suffer from poor nutrition, who do not receive proper nutrients and are exposed to higher risk for various related problems have a certain loss of healthy hair shine and as a rule suffer from receding hair. Have you ever noticed that those women who are constantly on diet, who are counting their calories and eat less, have quite dull hair? This can take place even in those situations when we are trying to switch to a healthy diet and consume only fresh fruits or vegetables, since even these natural sources of nutrients can not provide our body with all vitamins and minerals essential for supporting our good overall health and proper function of all our body systems. In particular, most of fruits and vegetables are quite poor in proteins which are necessary for proper hair growth and development. Proteins are the key elements of our hair, thus consuming plenty of proteins is very important for excellent hair health.

A lack of iron in our body is the first sign that can signal about improper blood circulation and a common serious problem known as anemia. Iron is very important for our hair health, that is why such sign as receding hair can be an indication of iron deficiency, as well as increased risks of the related side effects. In conjunction with such symptoms as pale skin and chronic fatigue, receding hairline should be considered the clearest sign of iron deficiency and related health problems. Another common health condition associated with poor hair health and hair loss is thyroid problems. Hormonal imbalances in the body very often affect metabolism, damage fat metabolism and other nutrient digestion, cause weight gain and many serious diseases. Thyroid problems also interfere with hair growing cycle since it damages the environment for developing proper hair follicles, thus helping normal healthy shafts to develop. Weak and brittle hair in conjunction with receding hair can be a sign of thyroid problems. This is one of the most common cause of female type hair loss in our times.

Finally, if a woman has thinning hair in her front and the top of the scalp (the typical hair loss pattern for men), many specialists tend to take this as a sign of excessive amounts of male hormones in her body which can cause a number of serious health conditions. In particular, such problem as Polycystic ovary syndrome is usually triggered by the same factor as thinning hair on the top of the head. It can be easier to recognize this condition in case if hair loss of the mentioned pattern is accompanied with excessive amount of hair growing on the face and the body. At the same time, most of the specialists agree that stresses is probably the most common cause of hair loss, especially female hair loss in our times. These effects are explained by hormonal changes that take place in our body when we feel stressed out, which affect our vitamin B digestion. Since vitamin B is essential for our hair health, stress becomes a cause of hair loss which sometimes can be quite serious and even irreversible.

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