Hair Cloning, A Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment

hair cloningNowadays, millions of people around the world who suffer from hair loss have a certain variety of options and hair loss treatments. Those include various medicinal herbs, herbal products and herbal remedies like Provillus, a number of herbal hair care products designed for nourishing and re-growing hair, scalp massages and aromatherapy, special diet and exercises, as well as radical surgical methods like hair transplantation. Some of this treatments are cheap, some of them are very expensive, and some do work, but some do not.

However, now a new hope arises for those who are seeking for an effective hair loss treatment. A new technology called hair cloning which emerged about a decade ago is now being actively studied and promoted as a hair loss treatment of the future. As the name suggests, hair cloning means a sort of hair multiplication on genetic levels, this way bringing the opportunity to receive as many hair follicles as you need for implanting to bald spots of the scalp. For the moment, this method is still very complicated, but it has a number of obvious benefits and advantages including the following:

  • No complications or hair rejection will take place after surgery as the used donor hair is your own hair.
  • Using your own hair will make it possible to avoid your implanted hair looking different or unnatural after surgery.
  • As it is possible to produce as many hair follicles as you want, you can use as much donor hair as you want and have the desired hair density.

Many experts expect a great potential from hair cloning. However, the main problem now is very high cost of this method. Today’s scientists are carrying out numerous tests and clinical studies in order to give more attention to such important issues as cell reaction, cell differentiation, inconsistent quality, hair alignment, possibilities of mutations and allergies, and others. How soon hair cloning will be available and affordable for everyone  – time will tell.

Specialists are really challenged and excited. They anticipate a revolution in hair loss treatments with this new option. Hair transplantation surgeon and dermatologist, Nicole Rogers, M.D. and clinical professor at  Tulane University comments on this new treatment as the following: “It would be great if we could harvest a single hair from the back (of the head) and create thousands of copycat hairs from that. There is significant research ongoing in that area, but we are not there yet. It’s still going to be a while before it is ready for Food and Drug Administration approval.”

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