Myths And Truth About Our Hair

Many of us believe in some ideas or “facts” related to hair care, which should actually be considered myths. Certainly, there is a greta deal of such myths not only about hair loss, but also about many other common issues like weight loss, healthy nutrition, skin care and so on. All the time we receive a great deal of advice about what we should and what we should not do, and it is very easy to get lost in this abundance of tips and suggestions. Below, you can check out a number of very common hair care myths and facts.

  • hair care mythsDaily washing makes your hair dry and brittle. It is not true, because some people have too oily hair which should be better washed every day with a special shampoo. It is essential to use the type of hair care products which suit your exact hair type, and if you’re having difficulties when choosing the best shampoo for your hair, consult with a hair care specialist.
  • As soon as your hair gets used to a shampoo, this shampoo stops working good for your hair. It is also an incorrect assumption, because shampoos will never stop fulfilling their main mission: cleaning your hair from fat, dirt, dandruff and other contaminant particles. However, shampoos also contain components for facilitating hair styling, which sometimes can accumulate on our hair shafts and cause hair dullness. That is why it is recommended to change shampoos rather often.
  • It is possible to combat the problem of split ends by using certain hair care products. It is also not true, because the only way to “cure” split ends in to cut them off. Trim your hair every 7-8 weeks, and you’ll never know this problem.
  • Plucking out first grey hairs will cause much more grey hair to appear. This is one of the most common hair care myths which is actually not a true idea, because the truth is: no matter whether you’re going to pluck your grey hairs out or not, more of grey hairs are most likely to come soon.
  • Smoking is a reason for more hair to grey. This idea has certain grounds, according to the studies carried out by the experts at the Leigh Infirmary in Lancashire. The findings have shown that smoking is linked to more of grey hair.
  • Premature baldness in men in linked to increased sexual activities. This myth is also groundless as it was found out that the levels of testosterone in bald men are compatible with the ones in the men who have proper amounts and good hair.
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