Tips For Effective Hair Care In Winter

Winter is usually a real challenge for our hair. Temperature fluctuations, the necessity to use headwear, avitaminosis, seasonal depression and many other factors affect our hair health in winter. That’s why in this season, some of us have to face such problems as dull or brittle hair, split ends, and even hair loss and thinning. What can we do to protect our hair against these negative factors and influences? Check out our tips for effective hair care in winter.

1. Hair Care In WinterAvoid washing your hair too frequently, but if you really have to do so, try using dry shampoos some days a week. Dry shampoos can be sprinkled into your hair and then combed off with your hair brush.

2. To improve your hair quality in winter, use hair conditioner regularly as a part of your strategy of effective hair care in winter.

3. Avoid using hot water for washing your hair. It can not only cause problems with hair, but also can be linked to your general health problems (i.e. cause colds, etc.).

4. For good hair care in winter, do not use your hairdryer or curling irons too often. These devices cause hair damage and drying, which can be more dangerous in winter time and stimulate hair loss.

5. Use proper scarfs, hats, caps or other headwear to protect your hair and head from low temperatures. However, be sure that your headwear is not too tight and does not slow down blood circulation in your scalp.

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