Ginger For Your Healthy Hair

Ginger root is not only a known culinary spice, but also is a great natural hair loss treatment. Using fresh ginger root extracts and products can make your heir look stronger and more gorgeous. It is supposed that this natural remedy can be used not only to treat hair loss, but also for brittle and fatty hair. Ginger is packed with useful elements and nutrients, such as vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and others.

Ginger RootThe simplest way to use ginger for hair loss is extracting fresh ginger juice and rubbing it into your scalp. Do not let ginger juice get dried out on your scalp, hold the juice for 5-10 minutes only and then wash it away with your regular shampoo. Repeat the procedure once a week, and you’ll be able to notice positive changes of your hair quality just in one month or so: your hair will start looking shiny, strong and healthy.

Stimulating blood flow is the main property of ginger root and ginger products, that is why many specialists recommend using ginger for hair loss. It is possible to apply ginger essential oil directly to your scalp: this way blood flow to your scalp will increase, metabolism processes will speed up, your hair follicles will receive more of nutrients and vitamins, get stronger and produce stronger hair strings.

You can use ginger powder for preparing special hair care products, but it is recommended to use fresh ginger root, which is especially rich in natural microelements and nutrients. Do not forget to wash carefully and peel the root before using it. Also, ginger products are reported to have slightly lightening effects, and after treating you hair with ginger product the hair will be a little lighter. However, these effects are very small and you should not afraid of turning from a brunette into a blond.

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11 Responses to “Ginger For Your Healthy Hair”

  1. Retno says:

    nice post 🙂 I really worry about my hair loss. well I could try your idea

  2. mike says:

    whats the recipe for rosemary oil?

  3. sumeet says:

    where do we find ginger oil? can i make it at home? Please tell me where and which brand ginger oil is available.
    I am really worried for my thinning of hair. Please advise me.

  4. Hilton justiniano says:

    Let me know were can I get the ginger oil or were it’s available THANK YOU.

  5. Hilton justiniano says:

    Im still waiting for a reply on how can I obtain the ginger oil THANK YOU

  6. Shane says:

    There isnt such a thing as ginger oil i think you got to mix the ginger with olive oil or any kind of esstential oil

  7. Lisa says:

    I wanna try this. I’ve been having hair fall lately.

    I will answer Hilton Justiniano’s question: The article said, ginger JUICE, not oil. You may mix the ginger juice w/ any other herbal oil. I wud recommend, mix it w/ ollive oil. That’s what I plan to do. Olive oil is also good for hair’s health. Google about it and you’ll see.

  8. gabitza says:

    is really v good the ginger.i have probleme with my hair falling , slow growing etc. spend money in to many treatments but nothing works like fresh ginger juice.

  9. sarah says:

    I have been having hairloss since 06 and just started yesterday using new chapters prostate 5lx…yes is says its for prostate health but it has all the anti dht ingredients in it including:
    saw palmetto
    green tea extract
    organic pumpkin seed oil
    2 types of nettle root extract

    I hope this works for me because my hair is so thin I can now see through to my scalp in front badly. 🙁

  10. aqsa says:

    Ok so how can i get the ginger juice?
    I mean how to extract juice from it

  11. usha says:

    You can peel the ginger and then grate it……….and then boil it in coconut oil ……..and then use this oil. I got this recipe from my mom-in-law and am using it. Its working.