A New Technology For Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

follicular unit extractionVarious surgical approaches to hair loss are considered to be quite effective though quite expensive till now. That is why not many of modern people can afford those. However, scientists go on working on creating new effective surgical technologies for hair loss treatments, and follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of those amazing innovations. This brand new technology is now being pioneered by the specialists of some world’s leading clinics like the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

The main advantage of this technique is its being scar-free and minimally invasive. FUE hair transplant technique is considered to be among the best and promising types of cosmetic surgery, which can help people gain back their natural looking hair. The procedure starts with a consultation with a surgeon, during which the specialist is doing necessary medical analysis of the client’s condition, explains the specifics of the follicular unit extraction and discusses with the client possible options and outcomes.

The procedure itself embraces extracting the donor material (hair follicles) from selected donor areas followed by replacing the donor material to the scalp. Experienced surgeon plucks out every single follicle from the donor areas and replaces it to the balding areas. Certainly, the finest and high precision surgical tools are used, which are able to help creating the lines that would be corresponding to the growth patterns of natural human hair. This is the way to receive an optimal density and a great natural look of hair.

This innovative technology helps achieving excellent results and totally restore the hair on your scalp. After using this great technique, which is considered to be among the best revolutionary hair loss treatments, you will forget about such problem as hair loss once and forever. If you decided to try a FUE hair transplant, be very cautious and attentive to choosing a place or a clinic for this procedure. Remember that only highly experienced hair surgeons are able to preform this procedure successfully and with minimal risks of possible complications and side effects.

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