Early Hair Loss: Causes, Risks And Solutions

Early Hair LossIn our times, more and more of young men experience early hair loss. This is a very stressful situation for a young boy in his early 20s when he starts seeing receding hairline followed by increased stresses and psychological discomfort, a lack of personal success and improper self-esteem, as well as other negative side effects. Hair loss is considered early if a man starts showing the first signs of hair thinning and loss in the late teenagehood and in his 20s. Early hair loss can bring to very serious stresses and worries, and if you’re one of those who suffer from this problem, do not panic and get upset. First of all, it is necessary to learn as much as possible information about early hair loss, and then it is recommended to take all essential steps and use one or a few existing effective solutions for early hair loss.

Losing hair in early ages is something quite usual in today’s world, though there can be some situations when hair stars falling out too¬†early and it is necessary to use some professional help as soon as possible. In such case, it is recommended to visit a trichologist and receive some professional help and advice. However, in most of the cases early hair loss in early 20s is caused by hormonal changes that male body undergoes. Studies have shown that increased testosterone production in men initiates a variety of chemical processes in the mail body that result in hair follicles to shrink and being unable to produce strong and healthy hairs. As a result, the person starts suffering from hair thinning and loss. However, according to the latest findings of scientists, the factor of genetics plays a key role in early hair loss. Therefore, if most of men in your family have poor hair since their early ages, the risk for you suffering from the same problem is extremely high.

Some experts say that early hair loss can be linked with certain health risks which tend to increase later in life. In particular, losing hair since early ages is very often linked to metabolism problems and increased activity of thyroid gland putting overall health of such person at risk of gaining weight or having immune system problems. According to the findings of a study by a scientific group from the Paris Descartes University, published in the journal Annals of Oncology in 2008, those young men who are diagnosed with early hair loss are at a little higher risk of suffering from prostate problems in the future, starting from a certain decline in their sexual life and ending up with slightly elevated chances to develop prostate cancer. Finally, early hair loss in women is associated with cardiovascular problems like anemia, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and others. It is important to be aware about the risks, however, there is no reason to get stressed out and start getting ready for the worst since in our times, there are a huge number of factors to help us lower the mentioned risks by using the latest medical technologies, therapies, herbal remedies, etc.

The first recommendation for early hair loss symptom relieving is using special hair care products designed for those who suffer from early hair loss. Those are special shampoos, natural balsams, hair washes, creams, etc. Another idea can be using natural remedies for hair loss: primarily, scalp massages with essential oils, or using herbal infusions with burdock root, nettle, ginger, or others. If it is still hard to stop hair from falling out, it is possible to try using special medications and anti-hair loss complexes like Provillus, which are specially created to target male or female type hair loss. Finally, it is recommended to modify your diet: primarily, it is necessary to add to your daily diet more of natural sources of such nutrients as omega 3 fatty acids (oily fish, flaxseed, etc.), iron (apples, liver, seafood, etc.) and zinc (pumpkin seeds, watermelon, oysters, etc.). Adding more physical exercise in your daily routine is one more very good solution to assist reducing the symptoms of early hair loss.


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