Causes Of Dry And Brittle Hair

Dry and brittle hairSummer is the season when our hair looks and feels really dry and lifeless. However, many people have to face and try to combat the problem of dry and brittle hair year round. They need to use special moisturizing and nourishing shampoos, hair conditioners and other hair care products, use special natural treatments and herbal remedies for dry brittle hair, including essential oils like lavender oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, or almond oil. However, in order to find an effective solution and bring hair back to life, it can be a good idea to learn more about the causes for dry and brittle hair.

  • A lack of moisture caused by seasonal or climatic reasons, or improper hair care. As a rule, a lack of moisture brings to decreased quality of sebum and inability of it to protect the structure of our hair. Too low sebum production is also responsible for dry brittle hair, but usually this factor taken alone does not cause too serious problems.
  • Too much washing and using too harsh shampoos. Though washing is seemingly linked to increased moisturizing, washing your hair too often is actually one of the reasons why your hair looks too dry and lifeless.
  • Using incorrect or low quality hair care products. This is one of the most common causes of dry and brittle hair, and it can be mainly put to the necessity of using special hydrating hair conditioners or other moisturizing hair care products of high quality for those who suffer from dry brittle hair.
  • Too much drying or too harsh hair styling. Exposing your hair to too much heat or chemicals (like the ones in styling gels, mousses, etc.) also causes damage to balanced moisture content of our hair follicles, causes broken molecule bonds and effects hair elasticity. It is recommended to avoid using hair driers, hair irons or hair straighteners on a regular basis.
  • Genetics. Some of us are predisposed to having dry and brittle hair, so molecular structure of hair follicles and shafts of such people is too much unstable. This is one of the hardest causes of dry and brittle hair to fight against, but sticking to the rules of dry hair care can assist you in making your hair look healthy and glowing.
  • Imbalanced and improper nutrition. A lack of important nutrients and micro-elements can cause improper growth and development of hair follicles and hair shafts, that is why it is very important to use healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh veggies, fruits, beans, and other natural foods. Calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E are key nutrients for excellent hair health. Situations like anorexia or other digestive disorders also contribute greatly in developing dry brittle hair.
  • Hormonal imbalances. Thyroid disorders and hormonal shifts can result in your hair look brittle and fizzy. This is especially common during pregnancy and menopause when hormonal changes are especially active.
  • Increased sun exposure. Sun rays are rich in ultraviolet which can interfere with molecular structure of our hair follicles and shafts and cause excessive dryness.

Sometimes dry and brittle hair is a temporary problem, and it comes and goes according to the season, weather, climatic changes, using low quality hair care products, occasional improper nutrition, or other external factors. But sometimes dry brittle hair is a chronic problem, which is usually caused by genetics or inner factors listed above. In order to maximize the effects of treating dry brittle hair, it is crucial to pinpoint the correct cause or causes of the problem, and do everything possible to eliminate it or decrease its effects.

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