Cypress Oil For Hair Growth

cypress oilUsing natural remedies like essential oils, herbal infusions or extracts, herbal shampoos and so on can be a very smart idea for everyone who wants to improve hair quality, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss, making hair stronger and shinier. Millions of women around the world choose such natural products as essential oils for scalp massages and hair masks, as an element of their personal hair care program. The links between essential oils and hair health are supported by a large number of scientific studies, and there is plenty of evidence to the fact that by applying essential oils like rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, juniper oil, or others can assist greatly in moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening our hair. Cypress essential oils also belongs to the list of essential oils for hair growth, however, it is not as popular and commonly used as the mentioned essential oils.

Cypress oil is a natural extract produced from the branches of the plant Cypressus sempervirens. It has centuries of history of being used as a natural remedy and treatment for a number of health conditions and ailments. Since the times of ancient Greece, cypress oil is highly valued as a very powerful natural agent to stimulate detoxification, tone the function of lymphatic system and speed up toxin removal from the body. This essential oil is used in cosmetics for its excellent water retention properties. It is also added to various anti-cellulite products since it can stimulate fat burning processes on local levels. Finally, cypress essential oil has been used by many women throughout the world as an effective natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms of menstrual irregularities and balance hormonal levels.

Being a great natural solution for hair growth, cypress oil is highly valued as a powerful natural blood circulation stimulant. As one of the many popular essential oils and hair, cypress oil works by improving blood circulation to scalp, causing more effective nutrition of hair follicles and strengthening them. This results in growing healthier and stronger hair, as well as reduced risks for hair loss. Those women who used this natural product for scalp massages reported about positive changes in the look of their hair and hair texture. Another way to use this essential oil for the benefits of your hair is adding a few drops of it into your regular hair care products like shampoo or hair conditioner. Cypress oil is a natural solution for hair growth and hair thinning prevention which is a safe remedy without any unwanted side effect. It can be used by virtually everyone who wants to enjoy its positive effects.

One more indirect way of using cypress oil for hair loss prevention is using it as an element of stress-reducing aromatherapy program. In aromatherapy, this natural product can be used for stress reduction, calming down such symptoms as anxiety, uncertainty, insecurity, and fears. For this purposes, cypress oil can be used in aroma-lamp, as well as by adding a few drops of this oil into bath tub. By the way, using this oil for baths can assist in improving skin quality, reducing cellulite risks, reducing inflammation and preventing arthritis. Finally, cypress essential oil can be combined with virtually any other essential oil, to maximize its effects for our hair and overall health. Please, read more about the links between essential oils and hair health in other pages of this website.


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