Cost of Hair Restoration: How Much Is It Really?

Hair Restoration CostAs cosmetic procedures become increasingly affordable in the UK, so too they are being embraced as popular and accessible techniques. Hair restoration is one that has become especially well received in 2012, as a combination of improved awareness and celebrity endorsements have given the treatment a great deal of notoriety.

England footballer Wayne Rooney is estimated to have spent up to £30,000 on a hair transplant last year, and although this is a sizeable sum the results of the treatment have more than justified the initial investment. Not only this, but it is worth bearing in mind that there are different techniques and variables involved in hair restoration, each of which have different costs to the consumer.

How Much Does Hair Restoration Genuinely Cost?

So if thinning or receding hair is an issue facing you, then what should you consider when planning your treatment? Well the first thing to take on board is the different methods utilised to restore the hair, as both of these carry entirely different cost implications. For example, while the strip harvesting technique is slightly painful and requires the removal of scalp tissue, it is the most affordable option accessible to customers. In contrast, the follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) may be a more time consuming and meticulous process, it is also extremely expensive to undertake.

Another factor in planning your treatment is the surgeon who will perform the procedure, as each has their own unique levels of qualifications, skill and experience. While there is a minimum requirement for surgeons to be at least capable and accredited within their industry, some may have specific expertise or knowledge which distinguishes themselves from others in the market place. This puts them in a position whereby the can charge more for their services, so think long and hard before you decide upon a medical practitioner.

Hair RestorationThe Bottom Line: Research and Find the Best Possible Hair Loss Solution

The cost of hair restoration varies significantly, with a number of factors influential in determining the total expenditure due. Not only this, but the popular process of pricing a specific hair restoration procedure based on each individual graft can also contribute towards and extremely expensive treatment, and diminish the value for money that you receive. So while hair restoration is an emerging practice that becomes more affordable and accessible over time, it is only something to pursue armed with some in-depth market research, knowledge and awareness.

For those of you who decide that you wish to augment your image without spending money on a hair restoration treatment, there are alternative and even more cost effective options available. Including wigs, winges and clip in ponytails, these accessories can be purchased at a bargain basement retail price and have an instant impact on your visual appearance. Regardless of your choice, you can at least rest assured that there is a huge range of options to make a selection from, each of which offers something a little different and unique for consumers.

Author Bio: This article was written by Hershesons. The firm offers a range of hair solutions and accessories, including everything from wigs to ponytail extensions.

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