Clary Sage Oil To Boost Hair Growth

Sage Essential OilEssential oils play a great role as hair loss treatments since they have amazing nourishing, moisturizing, protective and strengthening properties. There are plenty of essential oils like rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, almond oil, lavender oil, juniper oil, and so on, which can be recommended as effective natural hair loss solution and natural stimulant for hair regrowth. Scalp massages, special hair masks and hair rinses, or adding essential oils into hair care products are the most common ways of using these natural products for hair health. Clary sage oil is one of natural remedies to minimize hair loss, speed up hair growth and make hair look rich and gorgeous. It is a safe product recommended to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of thick healthy hair.

Sage essential oil is produced by steam distillation from clary sage plant known as Salivia Sclarea. It has plenty of therapeutic properties and health benefits. Traditionally, it has been used to treat and prevent various eye problems, including vision disorders related to aging. Later on, excellent anti-depressant and mood boosting powers of clary sage oil were discovered. It can be used to calm down anxiety, nervous tension, spasms, Clary Sage Oilcramps, muscle stiffness and tension, as well as joint pains, skin infections, respiratory system infections and so on. It is a great carminative and digestive natural remedy. Finally, sage essential oil has got a reputation of an excellent natural aphrodisiac to be used for stimulating sexual desire and increasing libido by both men and women.

Many hair care experts recommend using clary sage oil for improving hair health. First of all, this oil can assist in treating scalp and preventing all sorts of scalp infections. It is a known fact that healthy scalp is a key factor for having excellent hair, and sage essential oil is one of the best known remedies to improve scalp condition. Its important property is balancing and keeping under control sebum production, therefore those who have oily hair can use this oil as a great natural hair conditioner. This oil works perfectly to treat minor wounds and cuts, acne and sores on scalp. Besides, clary sage oil can assist in combating such common problem as dandruff, along with moisturizing and nourishing scalp in a very gentle natural way.

Also, sage essential oil is valued highly as a very rich nourishing product rich in flavonoids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients essential for excellent hair health. Studies have found that this natural remedy has a property of stimulating estrogen production in the body. Female hormone estrogen is a component which is associated with reduced hair loss and stronger hair follicles. That is why clary sage oil is known as a natural treatment to stimulate follicle health and return dormant follicles to the growing stage (anagen stage), this way stimulating healthy hair re-growth. It is interesting that this natural product can be recommended and can help for both male and female hair loss pattern.

Adding a few drops of clary sage oil to your shampoo, hair conditioner, or any other special hair care products is the best way to rip the benefits of this hair loss solution. Another effective approach can be adding this oil to your essential oil blend for scalp massage. You can combine sage essential oil with one of the above mentioned essential oils for hair loss, and do not forget to use main carrier oil (almond oil, olive oil or any other vegetable oil) for your scalp massage blend. Be patient since it takes up to 5-6 months to see the results of using essential oils for hair loss, and go on doing the procedure until your condition improves.

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  1. Charlene says:

    Thanks for the article. I’m currently using the following: Clary Sage, Rosemary, Jojoba and Castor Oil. Hope it works! 🙂