Chinese Herb Foti For Hair Loss

Foti for Hair LossIn our times of globalization and advanced information technologies, using Chinese herbs for hair loss becomes more and more popular. Traditional Chinese medicine is a known fount of priceless knowledge and wisdom which have been collected and used for millenia by Chinese physicians and medical practitioners. Due to the miracles of modern internet, the knowledge and information about ancient recipes and treatments of ancient Chinese doctors became a common knowledge. Along with that, traditional herbal remedies and Chinese herbs for hair loss and all other possible health conditions became available for modern people around the world.

Despite of the fact that numerous health benefits and therapeutic values of Chinese herbal medicines are lacking support of scientific research and studies, there are very important facts that can prove the effectiveness of those natural remedies for a great deal of problems. In particular, a number of studies (like the one carried out 8 years ago in Japan by a group of experts led by Dr. Inabi) have shown that the occurrence of hair loss in men of Chinese and Japanese origin is considerably lower compared to the one in Caucasian men. At that, it was found out that such condition as male pattern baldness is 4 times less common in rural areas in Japan and China.

This can clearly mean that folk remedies and homemade hair loss treatments in the Far Eastern nations are very effective. And that is why nowadays such Chinese herbs as gotu kola, ginseng, he shou wu and others are being widely and safely used around the world as great natural treatments for hair loss. Foti is one of the most known Chinese herbs for hair loss which has also being promoted as an effective natural remedy for hair re-growth. In China this natural remedy is known as “shien mien”, and many those who live in the US or Europe and had an opportunity to try this miraculous herb are reporting about its effectiveness and truly magic powers.

Traditionally, foti root has been used as a natural aphrodisiac to strengthen sexual health in men, and the links between hair loss and sexual health in men are well known. It is considered that the men who have no problems in bed rarely have increased hair loss (though there are, certainly, many exceptions). Due to these qualities, using Chinese herb foti for hair loss can be recommended to all modern men who are seeking for safe and effective natural remedies for this problem. Foti root extract is used as an ingredient of some anti-hair loss lotions and related products.

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