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Ginger For Your Healthy Hair

Ginger root is not only a known culinary spice, but also is a great natural hair loss treatment. Using fresh ginger root extracts and products can make your heir look stronger and more gorgeous. It is supposed that this natural remedy can be used not only to treat hair loss, but also for brittle and […]

Ginkgo Biloba For Hair Loss

Many people, men and women, who had to face and learn how to fight hair loss tend to use various herbal solutions and herbal remedies for bringing their hair back. Such herbs as rosemary, Saw Pametto or sage are able to assist in preventing hair loss and re-growing hair. Also, if you want to reverse […]

Lemon Juice For Hair Loss

Among the other natural treatments for hair loss, it is possible to name such a popular and affordable herbal remedy as lemon juice. In particular, it can stimulate your hair growth and re-growth in the cases, when your problems with hair are caused by ineffective nutrition and hormonal shifts. Lemon juice has excellent nourishing properties […]

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil For Hair Loss

In spring, the problem of hair loss, hair thinning and weakening tends to escalate. This tendency is usually cause by a lack of useful vitamins in our diet, hormonal shifts and changes, as well as by seasonal stresses and negative environmental factors. Therefore, in this time of year it is recommended to look for effective […]

Hop Extract For Your Hair

Common hop (Humulus lupulus) is a plant that is used for brewing great beer, as well as for cooking and for treating some diseases and ailments. This medicinal plant is rich in vitamins and various amino acids. In particular, common hop and hop extract can help to re-grow hair and slow down hair loss, as […]

Cayenne Pepper, A Hot Hair Loss Treatment

We know cayenne pepper as a spice used for various sauces for meat and pasta. In herbal medicine this fruit is used for its numerous therapeutic properties and health benefits, including relieving pains (especially back pains), boosting detoxification, fat burning and metabolism, reducing pains in joints and muscles, and so on. As a matter of […]