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Hair Cloning, A Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment

Nowadays, millions of people around the world who suffer from hair loss have a certain variety of options and hair loss treatments. Those include various medicinal herbs, herbal products and herbal remedies like Provillus, a number of herbal hair care products designed for nourishing and re-growing hair, scalp massages and aromatherapy, special diet and exercises, […]

Lavender For Hair Loss

Alternative and natural treatments for hair loss including artificial ones like wigs and clip in hair extensions for temporary remedy are in a great demand nowadays. That’s because many of clinically tested and designed formulas are quite expensive, and so does a visit to a hair loss specialist. In particular, many of those who suffer […]

Basil For Hair Re-Growth

Hair loss is a very common problem nowadays, which occurs both in men and women. Even adolescents suffer from early hair loss that brings a lot of stresses and negative thoughts. Many people can’t show their bald spots and thinning hair on public, therefore they look for effective solution for this problem. Lately, most of […]

Rose Water For Hair Loss

Rose water is among the most underestimated natural products which actually possesses a great variety of therapeutic properties and benefits, but they are lacking scientific evidence and backgrounds. At the same time, high quality rose water is still used in the context of alternative medicine for treating skin problems, as well as for its calming […]

Honey For Hair Loss

For many centuries honey has been known and used as an effective hair loss solution. For example, it can be used as an ingredient for a special hair rinse which can make our hair stronger and looking shiny. It is very easy to use honey for hair loss by preparing a hair rinse. All you […]

Rosemary For Hair Loss

Rosemary is a lovely evergreen herb with needle-like leaves and beautiful blue flowers, that blossom from March to May. It is a known medicinal plant with a great number of therapeutic properties. Usually, rosemary leaves and flowers are used for preparing various therapeutic teas and tinctures. It has excellent tonic properties, stimulates mental activities and […]