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Cinnamon Oil For Hair Loss

Cinnamon is well know to all of us as a culinary spice with awesome aroma to add to cookies, apple pies, jams and so on. Cinnamon extracts are also used in perfumery and cosmetic industry for producing various skin care products. Those natural extracts have excellent rejuvenating, nourishing and warming properties, as well as natural […]

Juniper Oil For Hair Loss

Juniper essential oil is received by steam distillation from the branches and fruit of juniper plant (Juniperus Communis). This oil has been used for centuries and highly valued for its numerous therapeutic properties and healing actions which include antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, refreshing, detoxifying, tonic and others. Juniper essential oil is used as an ingredient of many […]

Almond Oil For Hair Loss

Along with other essential oils, almond oil can be used as an effective natural treatment for hair loss, as well as for improving hair quality and making your hair look great. This oil is received by cold pressure from sweet almond seeds. It is one of essential oils that are the most commonly used in […]

Grapefruit Essential Oil For Hair Loss

Essential oils play a very important role among numerous natural treatments for hair loss. Grapefruit essential oil is one of the key oils that can be used to prevent hair loss and thinning, to improve your hair quality and make your hair look rich and shiny. This oil has a variety of very useful natural […]

Orange Essential Oil For Hair Loss

Orange essential oil is one of the most common oils used in aromatherapy for treating many ailments and health conditions. This oil is produced mostly in Brazil and has amazing tonic, antiseptic, rejuvenating, sedative, relaxing and moisturizing properties. It is very widely used for various skin care creams, lotions and other cosmetic products. In addition, […]

Clove Bud Oil For Hair Loss

Clove bud oil is one of the most important essential oils that play a role of one of the most effective natural hair loss treatments. This oil is extracted by steam distillation from buds, leaves and stems of the plant Eugenia caryophyllata and has warm, a little spice aroma. This oil has a great history […]