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Hair Loss Is A Part Of “Male Menopause”

It is believed that hair loss brings lots of troubles and misery to modern women. Certainly, women are more likely to be obsessed with the way they look and get depressed when their hair starts thinning and falling out. But since the earliest times, hair loss has been known as mostly the problem of men, […]

More Of Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

If you are the one who wants to use only natural remedies for hair loss prevention and termination, then this article can help you to get more ideas about what herbal remedies can be helpful. The following folk remedies have been used for many centuries and are proven to be effective for slowing down hair […]

Iron Deficiency, A Cause Of Hair Loss

Iron deficiency is one of the leading causes of female type hair loss (especially in non-menopausal women) and if you are losing hair, it can be caused by a lack of iron. Some specialists claim that this nutritional deficiency plays more important role as a factor causing hair loss, than such factors as hormonal shifts […]

Short Hair: How to Choose a Good Haircut

It is considered that short hair is associated with less problems for the owner of such type of hair. It is easier to wash such hair, it gets dried faster and is not connected with spending a lot of shampoo, conditioner or other hair care products. Therefore, having short hair helps to do some sort […]