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Scientists Report Finding Possible Cure For Grey Hair

Along with hair loss and premature baldness, such issue as grey hair is one of the most topic concerns of modern people, related to aging and losing a good look. The good news is, soon this thing can be something of the past. A group of specialists at the Ito Lab at New York University’s […]

A Hair Loss Robot Approved By The FDA

Day by day, hair loss is affecting more and more people, making the world’s leading scientists and medical specialists work harder to find out new natural treatments for hair loss and new interesting approaches and techniques for solving this very common problem. Recently, a new amazing technology, so called hair loss robot which includes an […]

Remember To Take Care Of Your Skin After Hair Loss

Hair loss, no matter what its cause is, brings a lot of misery and sadness to everyone who suffers from it. As soon as we start noticing hair loss, we start looking for effective treatments and ways to stop or at least slow down hair loss. At that, some people choose to undergo surgical procedures, […]

A New Technology For Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Various surgical approaches to hair loss are considered to be quite effective though quite expensive till now. That is why not many of modern people can afford those. However, scientists go on working on creating new effective surgical technologies for hair loss treatments, and follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of those amazing innovations. This […]

Hair Loss Medications Affect Men’s Sexual Health In The Long Run

There are a lot of advantages of using only natural treatments for hair loss, and here’s one more very serious reason for you to choose natural solutions for hair loss like essential oils, medicinal herbs or Provillus, which has only natural ingredients. Recent studies have revealed that negative side effects of using many hair loss […]

Stem Cells: A New Hope For Hair Loss Victims

Many of those who suffer from hair thinning and loss, especially severe and very active firms of hair loss, are ready for almost everything in order just to stop hair falling out and regain their hair back. They are ready to find the money and pay for very expensive surgeries and hair transplantation procedures, they […]