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Male Baldness Is Linked To Increased Risk For Heart Disease

Hair loss is linked to plenty of psychological negative effects. It brings a lot of stresses and negative emotions, both for men and women who are suffering from hair thinning and loss. However, receding hairline turned out to be a sign of serious health conditions if it takes place along with other common signs of […]

Easy Tips How To Stop Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common problem linked to too dry scalp causing flakes coming from it. Sometimes, this problem is linked to itchy scalp, excessive flaking, and other unpleasant symptoms. As a rule, most people experience the problem of dandruff in summer, when it is too sunny and dry, or during cold seasons, when they […]

Cypress Oil For Hair Growth

Using natural remedies like essential oils, herbal infusions or extracts, herbal shampoos and so on can be a very smart idea for everyone who wants to improve hair quality, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss, making hair stronger and shinier. Millions of women around the world choose such natural products as essential oils for […]

Grey Hair Is Linked To Reduced Cancer Risk

Grey hair causes plenty of negative emotions and distress to those who have it because silver lining is considered one of the most common signs of aging. Sometimes, as a result of stresses, hormonal imbalances, excessive exposure to certain chemicals or radiation, people start having grey hair as early as in their early twenties. It […]

A New Baldness Cure Can Be Available In Just 2 Years

Hair loss and baldness are very common problems in modern society. Before, hair loss was mainly about aging people, namely aging men, and every four of five men after 65 experienced severe degrees of hair loss. However, numerous factors contributed to this problem becoming topical for young people, both men and women, and those who […]

Cost of Hair Restoration: How Much Is It Really?

As cosmetic procedures become increasingly affordable in the UK, so too they are being embraced as popular and accessible techniques. Hair restoration is one that has become especially well received in 2012, as a combination of improved awareness and celebrity endorsements have given the treatment a great deal of notoriety.