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Hair Color Is A Factor That Helps Estimate Prostate Cancer Risk In Men

It is a known fact that our hair can tell a lot of things about us: what kind of persons we are, how we feel about ourselves in this world, and certainly what health problems we have. Improper hair or a lack of hair care can tell that this person is not very much interested […]

Straightforward Tips on How to Cut our Hair

Although some of us may choose to utilise the services of a barber for our hair cutting needs, there are times when performing such a task from our homes can save both time and money. Scissors, shampoo and a quality comb are handy accessories that you’ll need and they cost little to purchase. If we […]

Hair Care Products May Contain Dangerous Chemical Ingredients

We all use various hair care products, including shampoos, hair conditioners, hair sprays, and many many others. Most of us try to choose only those hair care products which are based on natural ingredients and have a less chemical components as possible. That’s because we are aware about the fact that the greater number of […]

Natural Red Hair In Irish People Helps Compensate A Lack Of Sunlight

It is a known fact that Irish people are famous for their natural red hair, and a few other specific traditional things as well. A great deal of people in Ireland have very healthy, rich and simply gorgeous red hair which many people of other nations could simply envy to. It was estimated that every […]

Hair Pulling Disorder And Its Interesting Solutions

Do you know people who used to pull their hair from their crown or other body areas when they feel too anxious or stressed out? There are plenty of such guys around, and their condition is scientifically known as hair pulling disorder. For other scientists this disorder goes as Trichotillomania (TTM). There are some extreme […]

Stem Cells Can Be Used To Cure Baldness

Those of us who are well familiar with all the hardships and negative emotions related to receding hairline and hair loss are in constant search for effective treatments and natural remedies to cure baldness. A great deal of scientists, research groups and expert teams are currently working on creating new effective solutions to assist modern […]