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Wearing Wigs For Irish Dancing Can Trigger Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common condition nowadays, and both modern men and women suffer from it to a great extent. Hair loss brings tons of negative emotions and stresses to almost everyone who has to face this problem. There are a great number of causes of hair loss, specified by experts and scientists. Those […]

Molecular Signals Open A Way For New Hair Loss Treatment

Many people have serious problems when coping with hair loss, that is why scientists go on studying the problem and looking for the best and most effective solutions and hair loss treatments. Recently, the findings of a new study carried out by the specialists at Yale University were published revealing a new tendency in hair […]

9 Common Reasons For Hair Loss

Menopause. Hair thinning and hair loss are the main companions of the women who have entered menopause. Specialists usually explain this phenomena with sever hormonal shifts which occur in woman’s body during menopause. Do not get too frightened if you experience menopause-linked hair loss: it is considered quite a normal thing. Psychological traumas and stresses. […]

New Baldness Calculator To Tell You When You Go Bald

Hair loss is a very serious problem which currently affects a great deal of people, men and women of almost all ages, and it is very important to attract attention to this embarrassing condition and make everything possible to educate people on how to prevent it. Probably, that is why recently a new and very […]

Hair Translpant Surgery Can Put A Man Into A Funny Situtaion

Early hair loss is a problem of many modern men. To solve this problem, many of those prefer using natural treatments for hair loss, which include a number of natural formulas and clinically tested medications. However, in most of the cases it takes time to see good results and combat hair loss with the help […]

Anti Hair Loss Recommendations From Dr. Oz

Everyone who is concerned about own health and well-being watches The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz, or doctor Mehmet Oz, a Turkish-American medical specialist, a cardiothoracic surgeon and a professor at Columbia University, is a creator and the host of the show, which is watched my thousands of people not only in the US, but […]