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9 Common Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss is something that brings people a lot of troubles and negative emotions, that is why all of us are trying to do everything possible in order to support our hair health and reduce the risks of hair loss. We all try to learn as much as possible information about proper health care, buy […]

Early Hair Loss: Causes, Risks And Solutions

In our times, more and more of young men experience early hair loss. This is a very stressful situation for a young boy in his early 20s when he starts seeing receding hairline followed by increased stresses and psychological discomfort, a lack of personal success and improper self-esteem, as well as other negative side effects. […]

Hair Loss Problems Were Discussed By Scientists

Undoubtedly, the problems of hair loss are well familiar to people around the world, regardless of their age, nation, race, occupation, and so on. That is why numerous international scientific groups working and are trying to unite their efforts in their search for an effective cure for this health condition. That is why hair loss […]

A New Chemotherapy Hair Loss Solution

Hair loss is one of the sad side effects of chemotherapy, and in our times every patient who undergoes this type of cancer treatment suffers from hair loss. The causes of this side effect are well known and researched. The fact is: our hair follicles are made of such type of cells which have a […]

Thinning Hair Remedies For People Of All Ages

In our times, people of all ages suffer from hair thinning and loss which brings a lot of distress and negative emotions to them. Fortunately, nowadays they can be offered plenty of various treatments, starting from essential oils and herbal remedies for hair loss and hair thinning prevention, and ending up with very aggressive approaches […]

Hair Damage And Hair Loss: Hairstyles Can Cause That

Late autumn and early winter are the seasons when some of us start experiencing increased hair loss. It is caused by a few factors, including our natural predisposition to losing hair in this time of the year (similar to what all animals experience in autumn and spring), poorer nutrition, weather changes, and increased stresses linked […]