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Causes And Treatment Of An Itchy Scalp

The problem of an itchy scalp in combination with hair loss can become extremely frustrating for anyone as it gradually takes the form of a daily suffering. There are many factors which can intensify the condition of an itchy scalp, leading to hair loss. The thinning of hair, triggered by an itchy scalp, is usually […]

British Scientists Are In Search For A New Baldness Cure

All of those people who suffer from hair thinning and loss are in constant search for an effective hair loss treatment. Many rely on natural treatments for the problem, trying to use such known remedies as essential oils, herbal infusions (for hair rinsing and strengthening), or special hair care formulas designed and based on 100 […]

Hair Loss In Cats: A Problem For Their Owners

Undoubtedly, hair loss is not a problem of only us, humans. Many animals suffer from this condition too, including our pets, especially dogs, cats, marmots, guinea pigs, etc. Certainly, those pet owners who see their beloved little one losing its amazing fur can get sad and distressed, sometimes even more than if the hair loss […]

Hair Loss Help: Tips For Hair Loss Prevention And Treatment

Are you the one who has never encountered the problem of hair thinning and loss? Your hair is healthy, good looking and glowing? You are a lucky one! Millions of people around the globe are getting depressed, feel sad and insecure due to such health condition as hair loss. Millions of people daily look for […]

Our Hair Health Can Give A Clue About Our Overall Health

Many experts would agree with the fact that a good hair health is a sign of good overall health. Just like dental care specialists can very easily find out what diseases a person has after seeing his or her teeth and tongue, experienced trichologists and hair health specialists can evaluate our overall health just by […]

Early Hair Loss In Men Is Linked To High Prostate Cancer Risk

Nowadays, an increasing number of young men are suffering from early hair loss. Specialists consider men who went bald before 30 as early hair loss sufferers, and a great number of such young men have to go through a lot of stresses and negative emotions related to their hair health. Certainly, stresses and psychological disorders […]