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A New Hair Loss Solution, Again?

Millions of people around the world are waiting for new and effective hair loss solutions. Hair loss is something that most of us suffer from, at one or another point of our life. We experience hair thinning due to various factors known as causes for hair loss: genetics, hormonal changes, chronic stresses, improper nutrition and […]

New Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss is something that most of us are very well familiar with. Nowadays, a lot of men and women know how distressful and disappointing it is seeing own receding hairline. A great deal of information and various recommendations as to preventing and slowing down hair loss is available in modern mass media and online. […]

Post-Traumatic Hair Regeneration

Most of us used to believe that hair loss is something caused by such factors as stresses, poor nutrition and improper lifestyle, genetics, bad habits, or simply just being a man. However, there is one more factor which contributes to hair loss in pretty great number of people. Those are various traumas, wounds, physical damage […]

Some Of The Greatest Hair Loss Cures And Tips

Many modern women suffer from hair loss, which has become a true curse of our times. Though it usually occurs in men, the problem of hair loss is becoming more and more familiar for women in their early 30s. It brings a lot of distress and negative emotions, and all those modern ladies who see […]

A New ‘Bloody’ Hair Loss Treatment

Those who are well familiar with the problem of hair loss and have tried plenty of available solutions and treatments are impatiently waiting for today’s scientists coming up with new interesting technologies or approaches to hair loss treatment. Since this problem is very common nowadays, currently plenty of researches and experiments are being carried out […]

Male Baldness Is Linked To Higher Heart Disease Risk

Millions of men around the world suffer from hair loss and are diagnosed with male baldness. Scientists have noticed that this unfortunate health condition is connected with plenty of other serious health conditions, and can be even considered as a warning sing to most of those. It particular, as the findings of a scientific team […]