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Hair Loss In Women: Causes And Solutions

Undoubtedly, having strong, rich and health hair is a dream of every woman. Hair should look beautiful, glowing and strong, but not thinning and weak. However, we all know that hair is among the best indicators of our general health, as well as physical and psychological condition of a person. Every day we fall under […]

Hair Loss In Women Increases

A new research has revealed that stresses of modern life are becoming a leading reason of hair loss in women. In our times, every third woman below 25 is familiar with the problem of hair thinning and falling out, which for many decades has been a problem of only women over 50. The experts are […]

Hair Loss and Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes and imbalances are among the leading causes of hair loss in women. Along with a great number of other known causes of female hair loss (including taking certain medications, poor and unhealthy nutrition, scalp infections and other diseases, incorrect or too aggressive hair care, genetic predisposition to female hair loss, and others), hormonal […]

Is Hair Loss In Women Related to Age?

Male baldness in a very common problem of our times. By the age of 50, the majority of today’s men suffer from baldness to one or another extent. However, not many of us know that by the age of 50 about 50% of women also experience hair loss, which in many cases can be quite […]

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal: Hair Loss Evaluation for Women

Hair loss is a problem familiar to many modern women, and the majority of them regularly experience hair loss to a certain degree. Some women notice their hair left on the comb or hairbrush, some see their hair falling out while they are combing, and some find their strands on the clothes and pillow. Sometimes, […]

Menopause and Hair Loss

It is a known fact that hormonal changes and imbalances are among the leading reasons of temporary or premature hair loss in women. Estrogens (major female hormones) extend the life-cycle of our hair, and androgens (male hormones) reduce it. Both of these types of hormones can be found in a female body, but, undoubtedly, estrogens […]