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Divorce Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Female Type Hair Loss

Such stressful situation as divorce is very often linked to tons of emotional problems, heartache and tears. According to the findings of a new study, in addition to all these hardships, a divorcing woman is likely to have to deal with hair loss as well. A group of specialists carried out a research and found […]

A New Approach To Female Hair Loss Approved By The FDA

Undoubtedly, women are much more sensitive to their hair quality and suffer very hard when they are experiencing hair loss. All women want to have rich, thick and gorgeous hair. However, such factors as the environment, poor nutrition, hormonal shifts during menopause, chronic stresses, taking certain medications, improper hair care and many others very commonly […]

Quake Stress Is A Reason Of Massive Hair Loss In New Zealand

The February 2011 Christchurch earthquake killed over 180 people and caused pretty much of damage: physical, economic, social and so on. It is considered the second baddest natural disaster in the whole history of New Zealand. Along with this, health care specialists started noticing that more and more people (mainly females) show up with obvious […]

Braiding And Weaves Increase The Risks Of Hair Loss

In our times, hair loss has turned into a problem of both genders though the causes for male and female hair loss patterns are different. Recently, the findings of a study were published suggesting that certain hairstyles like weaves, tight braiding and others may also be a reason behind female type hair loss. It is […]

Homemade Remedies For Hair Loss

Taking care about our hair is an important element of everyone’s personal care, which plays a role of a certain daily ritual for many modern ladies. There’s nothing strange in this: every woman is trying to look beautiful and attractive. This tendency was initiated thousands of years ago, long before commercial hair care products appeared […]

Laser Combs To Prevent Hair Loss

Female hair loss became a huge social problem of our times. If decades ago there was hardly a term like “female hair loss”, cos’ very few women experiences anything like that, especially in young ages, nowadays every third woman over 20 has to face hair thinning caused by various factors: ineffective nutrition, heredity, problems wit […]