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Causes Of Female Hair Loss

A great deal of women nowadays experience hair loss, and this symptom is usually very devastating for those ladies who find thinning hair on their crown. A lot of women go into despair when seeing receding hairline, start feeling stressed our and depressed, this way actually making the situation even worse. It is very important […]

Menopausal Hair Loss Treatments

Menopausal hair loss is a problem that many women after 50 are suffering from, however, not all of them are aware about the fact that hair loss is one of the symptoms that accompany menopause. Mood swings, hot flashes, increased irritability, night sweats, or persisting sleep disorders are among the most known symptoms of menopause, […]

Hair Loss After Childbirth: Causes And Solutions

Bringing a new life to this world is linked to both plenty of positive emotions and new tasks, as well as quite a few stresses and worries. Unfortunately, hair loss after childbirth is one of those negative factors which bring a lot of troubles and distress to young moms. Many of them have no idea […]

Female Type Hair Loss: How To Solve The Problem?

Nowadays, there is a vivid public discussion unfolding in modern mass media about the increasing rates of female type hair loss. Female beauty is something treasured, loved and adored, and every woman is ready to do everything possible to avoid the signs of aging like winkles, saggy skin, receding hairline, a few extra pounds, and […]

Special Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

It is a know fact that there are two principal types of hair loss: female type hair loss and male type hair loss. They are different not only because one is diagnosed only in women, and another is diagnosed exclusively in men. As many of us may know very well from their own experience, it […]

Tips For Female Hair Loss Treatment

A lot is said and recommended to those modern time’s ladies who suffer from quite a common unwanted health condition, hair loss in women. Treatment options of this problem vary greatly, and nowadays women can choose from a great number of effective hair loss solutions, starting from various natural hair loss treatments like essential oils […]